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Oct 6, 2017

Understanding the Needs and the Changing Physical Abilities of the Mature Aged Rider

About Liz Gatti

- Liz started off riding by climbing on the backs of full sized stock horses while they were still tied up. As she gained a bit of confidence, she rode the stock horses around the sheep yards.
Later she rode and competed in showjumping and eventing, and then later specialised in dressage.
Initially Liz studied in the UK to become qualified as an instructor and then continued her career as a coach and coach educator.


Liz's Favourite Inspirational Quote
- Look up, direction must be the primary focus when riding


Who Has Inspired Liz
- Jake Makim and Ruth Emery when Liz was in Pony Club
- Edgar Litchwark has been the main inspiration when Liz was competing
- Phillipe Karl from the School of Lightness


Recommended Book
- Centred Riding by Sally Swift


About This Episode
Liz talks about teaching the mature aged rider. She discussed the lack of confidence the mature aged rider faces when they commence riding after a long break, often choosing the type of horse they would love to have as a younger rider.
The older rider typically has more weight than the younger rider with less fitness and physical ability.
Other challenges such as lower back, shoulder, hip and knee issues with restricted movement and lack or core strength along with less ability to hear and remember are not uncommon.


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