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Oct 30, 2017

Hard Work and Dedication will get you further than Talent


About Guy Creighton

Guy left school to go on the road as a show jumper. He started in Pony Club and talks about the requirements in those days of just getting from one side of the jump to the other. If you could do that then you were a successful show jumper.

When he was on the road, he met Art Uytendaal. Art taught Guy changing his style and preparing him for three Olympic games, two which Guy rode in and one which he was selected and Australian boycotted. 


Guy's Favourite Inspirational Quote
- Just do it


Who Has Inspired Guy
- Art Uytendaal
- Ted Edgar


About This Episode
- Guy talks about horses being a full time operation and the dedication it takes to look after horses. He discusses the growing importance of flatwork, bending around a corner and holding a straight line to improve the jumping rider and jumping horse.




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