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Oct 28, 2017

International Three Day Eventer, Now Successful Grand Prix Dressage Competitor


About Lydia Jackson

Lydia Jackson and her family own Kingston Agistment and Training Centre in Tasmania.

Lydia commenced riding as an Eventer, producing five horses to 3 Star and representing her country twice as a young rider. She is also a dressage rider and specialist dressage instructor, rider and judge.


Lydia's Favourite Inspirational Quote
- Short reins win gold medals - Charlotte Dujardin


Who Has Inspired Lydia
- Mum and Dad
- Nicole Brown
- Roger Fitzhardinge
- George Sanna
- Prue & Craig Barrett
- Heath Ryan
- Charlotte Pederson
- Brianna Burgess


About This Episode

- Lydia talks about her start with horses, backup plans, people and horses who have influenced her, judging problems that can be easily fixed and running a family business.




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